Her Property

Feb 28 2012
Feb 15 2012

A Funny Story

Mistress Mercy writing. I’ve had to commandeer my pathetic slave boy’s blog because he’s a little… tied up at the moment. He was feeling a little embarrassed about sharing the next part of our story. Pathetic. So I decided to take over and tell it from my point of view. We’ll see how he likes my version.

If you’ll recall, my property had just finished being punished for masturbating without my express permission. Tsk tsk. I was ready to give him another chance, but only if he prove to me that he was willing to go to any length to serve me. I knew that what I had lined up next would push him to his limits, and I suppose it is worth something that he didn’t run screaming to the hills.

When my property next arrived at my home, I had him strip naked. I sent him into my bathroom, and told him that I had laid out an outfit for him. He looked puzzled, but obeyed. Some time passed, and I could sense his hesitation. He peeked his out the door as if to ask, “Really?” I simply stared back at him. It was enough to let him know that this was non-negotiable.

After some fumbling about, he emerged, pretty as a princess. Knee high stockings, a too-short skirt and a corset top. Of course I insisted that he complete the transformation with some lovely make up. Men are quite clueless when it comes to make up, so he ended up looking quite the pathetic mess. But I wasn’t done yet.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than hearing a so called “Alpha Male” beg me to fuck him in the ass with my strapon. And that’s exactly what I did with my property. To his credit, he took it like veteran. Perhaps his ass wasn’t virgin after all? Once I was satisfied that his ass had been sufficiently broken in, I had him service me orally. He took to it eagerly, and when it comes to oral sex he remains one my favorite little toys. Finally, after all that, I deigned him worthy of cumming by hand.

Of course, I had to ruin that orgasm for him, just to make absolutely sure he understands that he is 100% totally and completely mine.

Feb 10 2012

Lessons in Pain

As I share these memories, I feel my cock straining against the chastity device that I’ve been locked in. I hope that I will be released soon and finally allowed to cum. It has been weeks now, certainly the longest I’ve ever gone before. It’s almost unbearable.

All the same, I must continue to tell my stories – my Mistress demands it. Picking up from where I left off:

When next I saw my Mistress, she asked if I had masturbated. I couldn’t hide it from her and part of me wanted to be punished for it – even if only to see what she was really capable of. It turns out, quite a lot. I had never experienced being flogged before, so it was a new experience. The sensation is difficult to describe. It’s painful, yes, but it’s a somehow satisfying pain. Like sore muscles after a long workout. It’s a gratifying sort of pain.

She also introduced me clothespins. Who knew that these little household tools could be so painful. She affixed one to each of my nipples and another to my tongue. I had to beg (as well as I could with my tongue in such pain) for her not to apply any to balls. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to take that level of pain. At the time, at least… my tolerance for pain has since gone up by quite a lot.

I thought that I after I endured Her punishments, she would allow to me cum with her permission. I was very wrong. Had I not touched myself after our previous sessions, she told me, then I would’ve earned my orgasm. I had broken the rules, and the pain was my punishment for that – but now I also had to earn my orgasm again, from scratch…

Jan 30 2012


I’ve made another mistake. I neglected to capitalize an instance of the word “Mistress” in my last post. My mistress has informed me that I am to be punished, but she has not said what sort of punishment I’ll have to endure. I am anxious, but there’s nothing to do now but wait and share some more stories.

My “apprenticeship” to my Mistress started soon after our first meeting. She declared that I needed to be truly broken, and that she was just the woman to do it. I was eager to get started, and frankly a bit arrogant going into it. Despite my interest in BDSM, my old attitudes about women were still lurking below the surface.

Things started out tamely enough. My Mistress introduced me to Her dungeon – Her basement which had been converted to a play area. She had built up quite a collection of toys and apparatuses  over the years, and she put them to use on me in no time. I was only slightly intimidated at this point. I was still a bit of a beginner to BDSM, but a few toys didn’t scare me. I soon learned that the toys were merely tools and the truly scary thing was Her.

She began by restraining me on a special bed that was cleary designed for BDSM uses. Then she began to show me just how much control she could really have over me. She teased me again and again, pushing me close to orgasm but never crossing the line. After many of these – I don’t know, twenty? Thirty? She asked if I thought I deserved to cum. Of course I said yes. She reprimanded me again for my arrogance, and let me know that I wasn’t even close to earning an orgasm. She sent me home, but ordered me not to masturbate. It felt like an impossible task at that point, and well, I failed. I couldn’t quite explain it, but I knew she would know. I had no choice but to fess up and suffer the consequences.

Jan 22 2012

I Am Not Worthy

I disappointed my Mistress, and so I had to be punished. As you may have seen, my last post contained a typo of the word “eventually.” As this blog serves as a sort of virtual shrine to my Mistress, it goes without saying that it should be completely free of flaws. My Mistress has put me in a chastity device, and I am not allowed to cum until this blog is high enough quality to get more people reading it. My Mistress did not specify how many, exactly, so as you can imagine I am going to do all that I can to make this a good read. I hope you’ll tell your friends… for my sake.

In my last post I talked about how I first got in touch with my Mistress. Now I’ll tell you about the first time that we met. As she said in Her disclaimer, my Mistress doesn’t feel that you need to know the details of Her appearance or any of that, and I don’t dare break that rule. Suffice to say that she is the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Since we had discussed things on the phone prior to our first meeting, my Mistress wasted no time in putting me in my place. Of course, we were meeting in a public place (as a matter of mutual safety) on our first meeting, so there were limits to how far things could go. We were eating at a fairly nice restaurant. My Mistress forbade me from ordering for myself, instead she put me in the subservient position and ordered for me. Just this was enough to give me a throbbing hard-on.

Despite the undertones, we mostly talked casually throughout the dinner. My mistress was everything I had hoped she might be – articulate, clever, honest and aggressive.  By the time our dinner had ended, I was already falling for Her entirely. I’d have given myself over to Her right that minute, but she told me that there was no way it would be that simple – that I’d have to earn it.

Jan 18 2012

I Obey

Hello. I am Mistress Mercy’s property. That is all the name that I need. Mistress Mercy has commanded that I write this blog and update it regularly in order to share stories of Her beauty and grace, and I privileged to be able to do so.

I confess that I am not entirely sure where to start with this project, so I thought it best to start at the beginning. I will tell you now how I came to serve Mistress Mercy, some five years ago. I used to be a very different sort of man. I was sort of a typical alpha male, and in some respects I still am. I still take my career very seriously, although now my reasons for doing so are very different. Most importantly, I was the kind of man who didn’t really feel any need to commit to a woman. What girlfriend I kept for more than a few months, I ended up cheating on eventualy.

Most of the sex I had with women was very plain and vanilla, even boring. I never cared too much about pleasing my mate, I was always selfishly focused on my own pleasures. When I was in my late twenties, I met a woman who introduced me to my submissive side, albeit in a very limited way. I won’t talk much about it here, as it was just simple stuff, getting tied up and things. But I sparked something in me that I knew I had to have more of.

I started browsing the alternative dating sites looking for a woman with which to explore these needs further. That’s how I found Mistress Mercy. I assure, the mundane nature of how we discovered each other does not do justice to how truly wonderful she is.  My mistress was already very skilled in the ways of dominance and I was then and as I am now, Her eager student and slave.

Jan 16 2012


My name is Mistress Mercy, and I am allowing you just a glimpse into my world. The purpose of this blog is for one my many slave boys, who shall remain nameless, to share stories of my benevolence… and my cruelty. Fair warning: this blog will contain explicit stories of sadomasochism and bondage. If that works for you, then enjoy the pleasure that his pain has bought you and remember that now I own a little piece of you, too. If not, then I suggest you point your browser elsewhere…

Before he begins, let me address one impending issue that I am sure will arise. Inevitably I expect some pathetic men out there to beg to see pictures of me or even just a description. Well, tough luck. Let’s get one thing imminently clear: I am not hear for your enjoyment. If anything, you are here for mine. Through him you, too, will come to worship me.

Now then, I turn this over to my little slave boy. I expect he shall entertain you well. If he doesn’t he knows what is in store for him…

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